Cookie Rhythm Centers


Okay so the score officially reads “Target: 1,542    Liz: 0.”  But seriously, that Bullseye’s Playground (aka the Dollar Spot) is addictive.  What I love most is when I can walk through this section and get new ideas for classroom activities from the cool things I find… which brings me to this subject of this post.

cookies on cookie sheet

Cookies.  With sprinkles.  I mean, how is Mrs. Cookie supposed to pass those up?!  Not a chance.  So when I saw that I could get 8 wooden cookies in a pack for $3, I immediately scooped up two boxes.  Next, I hit another teacher favorite: Dollar Tree.  I picked up two spatulas and two cookie sheets.  At Walmart, I got velcro dots with sticky backs, but that was a mistake.  Once I looked on good old Amazon, I saw that I could get WAY more bang for my buck there, so please learn from my mistake.


Next, I got to work making rhythm patterns, cutting them out on cardstock, and laminating them.  I added velcro to the back of each card, and the back of each cookie.  Here is the end result.

back with velcro


My idea?  Cookie Centers.  Students will work at this center, flipping over cookies with spatulas, and reading the rhythms on the back.  They can read the patterns by saying and clapping them, or by playing them on non-pitched percussion instruments like rhythm sticks.  I realize that I could have used a Sharpie to write rhythm patterns on the back, but I wanted to be able to use this center for any rhythm we are practicing.  With the velcro dots, I can simply switch out rhythms on the back of the cookies for another grade level to use these.  I’ve even debated using melodic patterns on the back, but I think I’ll wait for more velcro dots from Amazon first!    If you can’t find these cookies at your Target, you can always order similar ones here .   Any toy cookies will do; the point is finding another engaging way to reinforce the concepts we’re learning.

cookies with rhythm

I can’t wait to start these centers with my students soon!  They are going to love practicing their newest rhythms this way.  I promise I’ll share pictures on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there to see this center in action.


What was the latest inspiration you found in Bullseye’s Playground?  Please share it in a comment below, so we can try it, too!

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