Hi everyone!

My name is Liz Kutschke (pronounced like “cookie” with a “ch” in the middle, as I tell my students), and I am a general music specialist in Phoenix, AZ.  I’m in my eighth year of teaching, and boy has time flown!  I’m originally from the Chicago suburbs, but the husband and I took our two dogs and everything we owned, and moved to Phoenix in the summer of 2016.  Everyone thought we were crazy for moving to Phoenix in mid July, but that’s the life of a teacher for you.  I needed to start setting up my classroom!

I teach general and vocal music in a K-8 Title I school in the valley with very high needs.  It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey.  Before that, I’ve taught Preschool (3 year old, 4 year old, and junior kindergarten) through second grade music in a catholic school, and first through sixth grade general music and choir as an itinerant music teacher in the public schools.  I consider myself fortunate to have worked with students of varying socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and different physical and learning abilities.


This quote sums it up.  Children deserve quality music in their mother tongue.   Most of my students are English Language Learners, so I incorporate many ELL strategies in my classroom to help students with their English and music literacy.  We  read music, sing, play, compose, dance, and above all, experience joy in music class.



So now that you know about my teaching experience, here are 10 fun facts about me.

  1. I love the color aqua.  It’s just so calming.
  2. My husband Steve and I have been together since 2007.  He’s a drummer.
    Steve and me
    Steve and me, 2017
  3. My main instrument is my voice.  I’m a mezzo soprano, but I sing first alto in choir.
  4. My parents have been in the church choir forever, so I’ve been in choir since I was a baby, being passed around during practice.
  5. I have the biggest sweet tooth.  I know people say that a lot, but they don’t mean it like I do. Cake batter flavored anything is my jam!
  6. I truly hate cold and gloomy weather.
  7. Harry Potter brings me joy.
  8. Lyrics are my favorite.
  9. I have seen Into the Woods well over a hundred times.  (mostly on VHS and DVD).  I became obsessed with it as a child.
  10. Corgis are the best.  Our dog Sadie is half German Shepherd, half Corgi, and she is the sweetest.